Amy's Companions

Amy Herot and her companions, Maya, Seven and Jesse

November 1, 2001-November 18, 2015

Maya, my sassy, female Dutch Shepherd, has been my long time Narcotics Detection partner, loyal friend and greatest teacher. She and I have had many adventures together trying different dog sports and activities, settling on her forte, sniffing. Once she got to choose her own path, she flourishing and we developed a great working relationship that never ceases to amaze me.

The youngster of the group, my feisty, driven Belgian Malinois , Seven, is my Explosives Detection partner. He is a ball of non-stop energy, eager to work day or night. He came that way. I just added water. Incredibly fun to work and entertaining in spirit, he is good at anything he tries. From working Malinois lines, his sire and brother are top national Mondioring dog (2nd and 3rd place) and his other siblings are also working explosives detection dogs. I'm lucky to have such a solid working partner.
  October 28, 1997-January 4, 2013

Jesse, my German Shepherd, had been that special once in a lifetime dog. A rescue from the Lacy Street shelter in downtown Los Angeles, she survived a broken leg, and many battles all while keeping her good nature and spirit. Gentle, good hearted, and an emotional rock, she socialized many, many puppies, helped with behavior assessments at the animal shelter, served as CGC tester dog, demoed good dog behavior for kids at the spcaLA's Camp Pedee, and was a friend to many people and dogs alike.