Student Kit with Single Odor

Price: $45.00

*NOTE* 6/9/17 - We are waiting for more foam inserts so our student kits will be backordered temporarily. We will edit this listing as soon as we have our foam. Please contact us if you have questions!


Our custom made Single-Odor Birch Kits are perfect for the student who is new to odor and wants to keep their gear protected and organized but doesn't need Anise or Clove. The Anise- or Clove-only kits are great for the student who has become hooked on the game but already has their Birch or Anise. 

This kit includes the same parts as our Standard Student Kit but with only ONE scent. The other spaces are open so it is easy to add additional odors from our parts sections!

  • custom foam insert
  • 1-dram oil dropper
  • small jar of (3-doz) scented cotton swabs
  • 1/2-oz round tin w/magnet
  • a pair of red tweezers

(6.47"w x 4.13"d x 3.26"h)