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Thank you for your interest in Nose Work oils, scented cotton swabs and other accessories produced by All Good Dogs, LLC.  We hope you and your dog enjoy your items and use them to train for success and fun!  Cotton swabs may be used multiple times. Keep away from open flames and hot or cold temperature extremes.  Please do not allow your dog to ingest the oils or other parts as they are not for human or animal consumption. If you have any other health concerns, please consult your Veterinarian.

A: Our shipping is based on dollar amount;

$0-$9.99 = $4.99 (shipping)
$10.00-$19.99 = $5.99
$20.00-$29.99 = $6.99
$30.00-$39.99 = $7.99
$40.00-$49.99 = $9.99
$50.00-$59.99 = $11.99
$60.00-$69.99 = $13.99
$70.00-$74.99 = $14.99
$75.00-$79.99 = $15.99
$80.00-$84.99 = $16.99
$85.00-$89.99 = $17.99
$90.00-$94.99 = $18.99
$95.00-$99.99 = $19.99
$100.00+ = FREE (no coupon needed)

A: We do charge a small amount for order cancellation since we are charged a fee for your order whether it is completed or not. The amount we charge is based on the dollar amount of your order and to cover our time to process the refund. If your order is under $100 we charge you a flat $10 fee. If it’s over $100 we charge 10% of your total. If the order has been mailed we accept unused items returned in the same packaging but you will be charged for any shipping fees and an additional $10/10% to restock the items.

A: Our current lead time is 2-3 weeks.  We try very hard to process orders quickly but we are often working on other jobs, teaching K9NW, traveling to work at K9NW trials or attending to our own dogs.  If you have a specific need, *PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER TO ENSURE WE CAN ACCOMMODATE YOUR NEEDS.* If we are able to meet your deadline, please make note of it in the comments section of your order as a reminder to accommodate your request. Please email [email protected] if you have questions about your order.

A: It seems like an easy answer, but it is not.  We use very large jars with thousands of cotton swabs, so the amount of oil we use is different than what you would use with a smaller amount of swabs.  Even giving a “formula” would be difficult since each dropper is a different size and how much oil you take into the dropper can be different.

In general, we fill a jar about half full with swabs then “drizzle” a couple droppers-full of oil on the inside of the jar.  Close the lid, shake it up well to distribute as much of the oil as possible.  Add more swabs, add more oil, shake again.  Sometimes we add more swabs, sometimes we don’t, it depends on how strong the batch seems to be.  We then will set this aside for 24-48 hours to “cook.”  If we open the jar and it seems weak, we may add more oil and let the swabs cook some more.

Keep in mind, you should be training with a varying amount of scent, so no matter how strong your swabs end up, change up how many you place in your hide containers.  We recommend the bulk of your training use dilute scent, but that the dog gains the experience on  variety.  Remember, the dog needs only exposure to the experience of varying strengths to gain the understanding, but we prefer to not bombard the dog regularly with intense, strong scent.

Here is some more information on the NACSW website with some written information and a video of Kim showing how to make a large batch of scented swabs.

A:  Your oil vials should be stored at room temperature, ideally in an air-tight container with the caps, not the droppers.  Keep them away from extremes of temperature and never expose to an open flame.  Please store your oils where your dogs cannot access them.  Dogs should not come in contact with the full bottle of oil, as they might accidentally swallow it or  break the glass.

A:  Your scented cotton swabs should be stored at room temperature in a GLASS container with a secure lid.  Please store your swabs where your dogs cannot access them.  Some dogs seem to enjoy the “flavor” of certain scented swabs.  We do not recommend you allow your dog to ingest them for the same reasons they should not be in direct contact with the pure oils.

A: Your swabs can be used many times! Remember to always contain them in something (tin, tube, vial, etc.) to minimize contamination of your environment AND of the swabs themselves. Best practice is to remove the clean swabs from their hide container and place them back into the jar of swabs after use so they can “re-cook” and refresh. As long as the swabs are not “contaminated” you can reuse them many times. If you have swabs that have become contaminated with dirt or other substances you might put them into a separate jar of dirty swabs. These are still usable but remember how a dog can make an association with whatever odor is paired with so you will want to change things up and use the clean swabs, too.
The longer scented swabs are outside of an air-tight container the more the odor will dissipate. Odor does not go away but the strength can decrease. If the swabs still look clean but the odor seems greatly reduced you can refresh with new oil with the method described below.

A: The question isn’t quite as easy to answer as one would think. How much oil and how many swabs is completely dependent upon the size of your jar and the size of your dropper! We make ours in very large jars.

In a nutshell, you will take a clean glass jar, fill it about 1/2-way with new swabs. Drizzle oil from your dropper from the top edge of the jar so the oil drips down the insides of the jar. Close the lid and shake up your jar of swabs really well. You can add more oil or add more swabs to your preference. Then “cook” this (set aside at room temperature) for 24-48 hours so the oil molecules have a chance to spread throughout your whole jar of swabs.

There is no exact formula but using a small dropper and a small jar you might just need one dropperful of oil. Use your nose to “test” the amount of each. Regardless how you scent each batch remember dogs need to know how to find “small” odor and “big” odor. It’s easier to add more weaker scented swabs for a stronger odor than reduce the amount of stronger scented swabs.

A:  All of our oils are shipped with special caps which should prevent any leakage. The droppers are included but we recommend storing the vials with caps for any length of time since the rubber of the droppers can deteriorate by long-term exposure to the oil.  We do not warranty oils from leakage if improperly stored!

A: It is unlikely there is anything wrong with your oil. This seems to happen with Anise but not with Birch or Clove. From our supplier: “The Anethole – major chemotype – doesn’t fully solubilize in the oil. In cooler temperatures you’ll actually see the EO separate like gravy would in the fridge. At 68F and less you’ll begin to see this product begin to partially congeal.” We’ve even noticed the oil turning to a bit of a crystallization or powdery substance. Either leaving the vial of oil at room temperature for a few days or a warm water bath and a gentle shaking should reconstitute the oil back to normal. Never heat over an open flame or expose to high temperatures.

A: It is likely that your existing oil and the new oil are from different sources. Remember, these are botanicals and like any living thing is affected by many things. Each season of growing and processing will produce variations, as will using oils from sources in different parts of the world. Oils can be from different regions, different growing climates and even different countries. All of this will affect how they smell and look to us. In our experience, thus far, the dogs have still responded to the signature odor of the essential oil. Just remember to use the correct botanical names and all should be fine. (Also note the oils will degrade over time so it’s best to use them within about 12 months of time.)

A: The oils we sell and those used in the activity/sport of K9 Nose Work are pure essential oils with specific botanical names. Aromatherapy may involve the same oils but may also use “carrier” oils. Be certain you are using pure essential oils, nothing cut or blended with other oils.

A: No, I do not. The dogs are not required to discriminate between the various scents, so other than the initial imprinting of the individual odors, we are not concerned with cross-contamination of the containers in later training.

A: I just wipe them with a paper towel. If they have food or other things stuck to them, I may use warm soapy water. Generally, I just let them air dry or place them in my storage case until the next time.

A: We are not Vets and do not play them on television. Please, use your discretion! If you notice any change in behavior, seek immediate Veterinary attention! Essential oils are like any botanical and can be harmful in large quantities. It is rare for dogs to have issues with the odors we use but we don’t know your dog. Some dogs just seem to be allergic to the world. These kinds of dogs may not be appropriate for K9 Nose Work using the target odors. However, the same principles we use in K9NW can be applied to searching for a primary reward which can be enjoyed indefinitely.

A:  SEEK VETERINARY CARE IMMEDIATELY.  Some dogs may pass a tin, and others may not. Please seek assistance, and use care in setting out your hides if you have a dog with a tendency to retrieve the tin.

NOTE:  PLEASE PUT MAGNETS INSIDE THE TIN. The magnets we’ve been told are the trickier item for a dog to pass in case of accidental swallowing.

A:  NO!  Please use a the carrier of a 100% cotton swab with paper stick (no wood or plastic). The dogs are sniffing for a small amount of vapor of the oil. We do not wish for them to have direct contact with the oil if possible. Reminder these are botanticals and are quite potent. They are not intended for ingestion or direct contact with the skin.

A:  Your oils should remain “normal” for one year from the date you received them. Keep in mind essential oils are a natural substance and subject to change over time. They should still be viable for 12 months. As for other items, we will warrant against any defect in workmanship for 90 days from the date you received your items. For any warranty to take effect, we MUST receive written notice within the given time period. You can use our “Contact” page or email us directly at [email protected] with the details of your order and any issues you may be having.

*NOTE* You must store your oils – either individually or within the kits – with the caps, not the droppers! We will not warrant any damage to your items if you do not store them properly!

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